I am compelled to represent the beauty I see from a place of joy, not from a place of pain or catharsis. My goal is to try to capture and represent the emotion that comes from witnessing nature’s bounty. I’m a landscape painter working with water imagery of the Pacific Northwest. My landscape paintings are an expression of my desire to convey the dreamlike experience of rowing, something I have almost two decades of doing myself. I tell that story using the language of impressionism but with the addition of an in-focus element for the viewer to relate to – a bridge, a marina, a building – to provide an anchor to the dreamscape.

Currently, my paintings pay particular attention to pre-dawn and early morning light and the vibrance they offer the eye. These moments are especially interesting to me because they are ever changing and fleeting. I’m attracted to the GLOW of the sun vibrating with the horizon in landscapes. In addition, I’ll often use the architectural elements of bridges to further direct the eye towards this center glow. The glow is found peeking through bridges and dancing on the water but always drawing you into the depth of the horizon, that infinity of the sun.


Niki Sherey Keenan is a landscape painter working with rowing and water imagery of the Pacific Northwest. Niki has a B.F.A. in studio art from the University of Oregon and shows her paintings regularly in Seattle. Born in Wisconsin and growing up in Texas she spent weekends of her teenage years at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum, assisting summer camps dreaming big. Her fascination with landscapes started at a young age growing up in Texas. Gazing at expansive horizons and big skies, she describes imagining mountains and waterfalls not yet seen in person. Now in Rainier Beach, Seattle, she continues to revel in the natural world through painting the grandeur of nature found while rowing.


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