I’m a landscape painter working with water imagery of the Pacific Northwest. My landscape paintings are an expression of my desire to convey the dreamlike experience of rowing, something I have almost two decades of doing myself. I tell that story using the language of impressionism but with the addition of an in-focus element for the viewer to relate to – a bridge, a marina, a building – to provide an anchor to the dreamscape.

My paintings pay particular attention to pre-dawn and early morning light and the vibrance they offer the eye. These moments are especially interesting to me because they are ever changing, only lasting moments. I’m attracted to the GLOW of the sun vibrating with the horizon in landscape. I started painted waterscapes when I was rowing at the University of Oregon and getting my painting B.F.A. fifteen years ago but in the last year a common thread of the sun’s glow has become obvious in my work. The glow is found peaking through bridges and dancing on the water but always drawing you into the depth of horizon and spitting you back out to the edges of the painting with its overwhelming presence and sometimes pure brightness. From the opposite end of a room from the corner of the eye it rises above.

The paintings are built on a foundation of wild under-painting that I create with total abandon. As I continue the paintings, I keep the movement I find in the under-paintings and hone in on the details of the horizon with the same freshness I find in the beginning stages. My best paintings come with ease.

My fascination with landscapes started at a young age growing up in Texas. Gazing at expansive horizons and big skies, I had space to imagine mountains and waterfalls not yet seen in person. Now in Seattle, I’ve continued reveling in the natural world through painting the grandeur of nature here.

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